Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chase Nelson - Fall 2009 Photojournalism Photo Story

These were the photos I turned in for my final assignment in Photojournalism. We were required to find a subject and create a photo story over a two month period, shooting no less than 250 images, but turn in only 5-7 of the photos that we thought best told the story. We had to turn in all of the images we shot so our professor could determine how much effort we put into the project, but the 5-7 photos is what we were graded on, along with the captions and copy block that we created.

My subject's name was Chase Nelson. He is 9-years-old and lives in the residence hall Barnes Hall on the campus of Central Michigan University where his mother is the Residence Hall Director. He was an amazing kid to work with; he was so open to talking to me and letting me follow him around, but he knew to pretend I wasn't there when I was photographing him. It didn't surprise him when I showed up to his swim practice or embarrass  him when I got a few frames of him stuffing his face with his shrimp cocktail at the dining hall's Thanksgiving Dinner. His and his family's go-with-the-flow demeanor definitely played a part in me earning 199 points out of a possible 200 on this assignment!

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